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Family Seasons by Coach Teia

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Family Seasons


By Coach Teia Jones

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Family Seasons Podcast is an extension of Family Vision 20/20 LLC, a family life coaching brand that focuses upon building the family unit through ​prayer, coaching, and effective communication. In 2018, I started Family Seasons by Coach Teia during a very difficult time of caring for my sick mom. In ​fact, the night that I started recording the podcast was the same night that I'd just left my mom in the ICU. On my way home from the hospital, with tears ​flowing, I grew a strong desire to share my story of being a caretaker with other families to help them learn to get through this season of life. In 2020, I ​met Damian Dalcour and invited him to join me on the podcast as a guest cohost.

Since 2018, Family Seasons Podcast has shared stories of various seasons that many families endure. My hope is that it will continue to reach families ​across the globe to offer them hope and inspiration in strengthening their family unit.

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